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Why it’s done

Sometimes,IVFisoffered as a primary treatmentfor infertility in women over age 40. IVF can also be done if you have certainhealth conditions. For example, IVF may be an option if you or your partnerhas:

  • Fallopian tube damage or blockage.Fallopian tube damage or blockagemakes it difficult for an egg to be fertilized or for an embryo to travelto the uterus.
  • Ovulation disorders.If ovulation is infrequent orabsent, fewer eggs are available for fertilization.
  • Premature ovarian failure.Premature ovarian failure is the loss ofnormal ovarian function before age 40. If your ovaries fail, they don’tproduce normal amounts of the hormone estrogen or have eggs to release regularly.
  • Endometriosis.Endometriosis occurs when the uterine tissueimplants and grows outside of the uterus — often affecting the function ofthe ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • Uterine fibroids.Fibroids are benign tumors in the wall of theuterus and are common in women in their 30s and 40s. Fibroids caninterfere with implantation of the fertilized egg.
  • Previous tubal sterilization or removal.If you’ve had a tubal ligation — a type ofsterilization in which your fallopian tubes are cut or blocked topermanently prevent pregnancy — and want to conceive, IVF may be analternative to tubal ligation reversal.
  • Impaired sperm production or function.Below-average sperm concentration, weakmovement of sperm (poor mobility), or abnormalities in sperm size andshape can make it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg. If semenabnormalities are found, your partner might need to see a specialistdetermine if there are correctable problems or underlying health concerns.
  • Unexplained infertility.Unexplained infertility means no cause ofinfertility has been found despite evaluation for common causes.
  • A genetic disorder.If you or your partner is at risk of passingon a genetic disorder to your child, you may be candidates forpreimplantation genetic diagnosis — a procedure that involves IVF. Afterthe eggs are harvested and fertilized, they’re screened for certaingenetic problems, although not all genetic problems can be found. Embryosthat don’t contain identified problems can be transferred to the uterus.
  • Fertilitypreservation for cancer or other healthconditions.If you’re about to start cancer treatment —such as radiation or chemotherapy — that could harm your fertility, IVFfor fertility preservation may be an option. Women can haveeggsharvested from their ovaries and frozen in an unfertilized state for lateruse. Or the eggs can be fertilized and frozen as embryos for future use.Women who don’t have a functional uterus or for whom pregnancy poses aserious health risk might choose IVF using another person to carry thepregnancy (gestational carrier). In this case, the woman’s eggs arefertilized with sperm, but the resulting embryos are placed in thegestational carrier’s uterus.

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? What is IVF or In Vitro Fertilization

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? What is IVF or In VitroFertilization

In vitrofertilization(IVF)(more…)isa process offertilizationwhere aneggis combinedwithspermoutside the body,in vitro("in glass”). Theprocess involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process,removing anovumor ova (egg or eggs) from thewoman’sovariesand letting sperm fertilize them in a liquid in alaboratory. After the fertilized egg (zygote) undergoesembryoculturefor 2–6 days, it is implanted in the same or another woman’suterus,with the intention of establishing a successfulpregnancy.


IVF is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology.The procedure can be done using your own eggs and your partner’s sperm. Or IVFmay involve eggs, sperm or embryos from a known or anonymous donor. In somecases, a gestational carrier — a woman who has an embryo implanted in heruterus — might be used.

Yourchances of having a healthy baby using IVF(more…)depend on many factors, suchas your age and the cause ofinfertility(more…). In addition, IVF can betime-consuming, expensive and invasive. If more than one embryo is implanted inyour uterus, IVF can result in a pregnancy with more than one fetus (multiplepregnancies).


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: Rhinoplasty methods

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Rhinoplasty methods:

isbeing performed with various methods all around the world, here are these methods:

  • Open procedure:

In this procedure rhinoplasty is applied toreshape thenose. This procedure can be used to change andresize different features of thenosesuch as span of thenostrils, angle between nose and upper lip, tip and/or bridg of the nose. Italso can be applied to correct some breathing problems. People who has problemin Sinus or Polyp area, can be treated throughrhinoplasty.

This procedure must be performed by doctors specializedin ear-throat-nose field (ENT) or plastic surgery or Maxillofacial surgery.Because only these specialist has the needed expertise to perform this surgicalprocedure. In this method, an incision is made across the narrow strip oftissue that separates the nostrils.

  • Closedprocedure:

Another method for rhinoplasty is the closed procedure.In this method the incisions are hidden inside a patient’s nose, with incisionmade into the nose. having access to the cartridge and bone portions of thenose, surgeon is able to perform changes that need to be made. This method isusually used to remove nose hump. It’s important to note that this procedureshould only be performed on patients who aren’t dealing with polyp, sinus orany other breathing difficulties. Should patient sustained any injuries duringthis procedure, doctor will have to perform open rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplastysurgery are different and each has its own traits, so it can’t be said for surethat one is superior to another. One of the advantages of open rhinoplasty isthat it enables the surgeon to resolve nose problems easily and make variouschanges. But in case of closed rhinoplasty, surgeon can only remove nose humpand it might not eliminate the problem completely. Many doctors who performrhinoplasty prefer the open procedure, unless patient is dealing with varioushealth problems.Rhinoplasty In Iran , Rhinoplasty Cost In Iran ,Nose Job in Iran

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? Why Rhinoplasty in Iran

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? Why Rhinoplasty in Iran

We have the bestplastic surgeons in Iran who are highly efficient andhave high experience in cosmetic surgery. We are therefore ready to meet allmedical needs inIranforforeign customers from all over the world withfree medical consultationservice. The rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran is characterized by havingexcellent experience and excellence in the field of surgery and beauty and thedoctor and medical staff to give the patient the beautiful natural appearance

?How much does a nose job cost in Iran

The cost of doing nose job in Iran is divided intohospital expenses,surgeon expenses, and isvariable based on the case, nasal specialist’s diagnosis and discussable.

The approximate price of a nose job in Iran is about 1000 to 5000 Euro.

Rhinoplasty Surgery:

Nowadaysrhinoplastyakanose job,is one of the surgical procedures that is widely used by many people around theworld to reshape their nose. It’s worth to know that the nose is one of themost distinctive features of your face and its function is critical to yourbeauty. Many people use rhinoplasty because they aren’t satisfied with theirnose’s appearance while others do it due to breathing difficulties. Thissurgical procedure is operated with different methods each having its owntraits. Below we explain some of these methods.


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Rhinoplasty Follow-up

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Rhinoplasty Follow-up

A brief summary of post-rhinoplasty recommendations given to patients is as follows:

  • Prevent injury to your nose. Minimize allactivities, and be very careful.
  • Avoid blowing your nose. Wipe your nose gently withtissues. If you sneeze, try to keep your mouth open.
  • Change the dressing (if you have one) under the noseas needed.
  • Avoid extreme physical activity. Strive for morerest than usual, and avoid exertion.
  • Brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush only.
  • Avoidmanipulating your upper lip, which helps keep your nose at rest.
  • Avoid smiling or excessive facial movements for 1-2weeks.
  • Wear clothing that fastens in front or back for 1week. Avoid slipover sweaters, tight tee shirts, and turtlenecks.
  • Avoid foods that require prolonged chewing. This isthe only dietary restriction related to the rhinoplasty.
  • You may wash your face, but avoid getting the nasalcast wet.
  • Do not wash your hair for 1 week, unless you havesomeone who can do it for you.
  • Do not get your nasal dressing wet.
  • Absolutely avoid tanning for 6 weeks after surgery.
  • Do not wear regular glasses or sunglasses that reston the bridge of the nose for at least 4 weeks. You may tape the glassesto your forehead.
  • After thephysician removes your nasal plaster cast, the skin of the nose may becleansed gently with a mild soap or a hypoallergenic/mild skin lotion.

Rhinoplasty without Surgery

Rhinoplasty without surgeryis a newprocess that began a few years ago inIran. A lot of people like this surgery because of the lower price and lesspain. But you should keep in mind that this is anaugmentation procedureand it’s not used to reduce the size of the nose. In this procedure, plasticsurgeons use injectable fillers to fill the depressed part of the nose andreshape it.

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Rhinoplastyis an operation to resize the nose. Many people don’t like the shape ofthe nose because it doesn’t look good on their face. Even a slight change inthe nose can make it incredibly beautiful. Patients who want to do rhinoplastyin Iran usually don’t like the abnormal small or large nose that doesn’t fitthe rest of their face. Other patients want to correct bridge that is crookedor has a bump. Rhinoplasty will provide a beautiful shape to the nose whilekeeping a natural look that is suitable for the face.
Rhinoplasty in Iran is very famous all overthe world and people from all countries come to Iran to do rhinoplasty in Iran.The nose has a great effect on facial beauty. Scientists have found the nose isone of the first parts of the body that is seen by other people.
Period of operation Rhinoplasty in Iran 1-3hours. It’s better to stay inIranfor 10 days after doingrhinoplasty in Iran. One day in the hospital and the rest in a hotel or housethat we will provide for you. The recovery from rhinoplasty in Iran begins fourdays later. Bruising and swelling usually do not occur. Doctors will removestitches after about 6 days. You should only do easy jobs for 2 weeks andintensive workout should be avoided for 2 months.
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Best rhinoplasty surgeons are doing the operations inTehran. You can find the best quality and hospital services for a nose job in this city.
Through the corresponding with thespecialist, you will have the resume, IDs, and certificate of our recommendedspecialist.
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Nose Job Tips and Advice

Getsome hints from those who have done this surgery, speak with them and askabout their feeling before and after the operation. They will tell youabout their expectation and the result, their satisfaction with their nosejob.
Have an updated medical checkup and send it toyour specialist

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Rhinoplasty in Iran ) Nose Job )

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Rhinoplasty in Iran ( NoseJob )

The experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can use either anendonasal or an external rhinoplasty approach, based on the patient’srhinoplasty indications.

Most patientsseek rhinoplasty surgery toimprove the aesthetic features of the nose. Others may elect to haverhinoplasty for functional improvement of the nasal airway. Most often, bothcosmetic and functional issues are addressed during rhinoplasty.

Indications include (1) aestheticdeformity, (2) patient request for a change in nasal shape and (3) improvementof anatomic nasal airway obstruction.

Etiologies of nasal deformity can be (1)hereditary/familial (eg, large dorsal hump), (2) traumatic (eg, aftera motor vehicle accident), (3) iatrogenic (eg, unfavorable result from theprevious rhinoplasty), or (4) congenital (eg, cleft palate nasal deformity).

Rhinoplasty in iran

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Rhinoplasty in iran:

Rhinoplastydescribes an array of operative techniques that can be used to alter the aesthetic and functionalproperties of the nose.Surgical access to the nose canbe gained via incisions placed inside the nose (endonasal approaches) or viaincisions placed inside the nose combined with incisions placed outside thenostrils (external approach), usually on the columella. Prior to the increasedpopularity of the external (open) rhinoplastyapproach in the last decade, the termsrhinoplasty andendonasal rhinoplastywere almost synonymous. This somewhatartificial division betweenexternal (open)and endonasal (closed)rhinoplasty has become an established part of current rhinoplasty nomenclature.Despite this, both approaches share many of the same incisions, and many of thesame principles apply regardless of the approach chosen.

به پروفسورا خوش آمديد

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با سلام و احترام خدمت شما استاد گرامی،

پیوستن شما را به وب سایت پروفسورا خوش آمد می‌گوئیم.

شما میتوانید برای آشنایی بیشتر با خدمات سایت به آدرس های زیر مراجعه كنید:

- راهنمای کار با سیستم
- اخبار و اطلاعیه های سایت

در صورت بروز هر گونه مشكل در استفاده از خدمات سایت می توانید با پست الكترونیكی زير تماس حاصل فرمائيد:


با تشكر، مدیریت پروفسورا
خطا ...
آدرس ایمیل وارد شده نامعتبر است.
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